My Story


Hi! My name is Brayden Dare. People always asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I could never answer their question as I didn't know my options. I wondered if anyone felt the same way, this is when the idea of this project began. One summer my dad and his friend ran a summer camp on the topic of Real Estate Investing for my brother and myself as well as some other people. This is really when the concept of Career Camp started to take shape. I thought to myself, why stop at Real Estate? Following that, I decided to focus on Hard-To-Access industries. These are topics that have high entrance barriers such as; needing a specialized education, connections/relationships, or specific know how. I wanted to serve underserved communities as many are kept in a cycle and don't have a way to break out. I felt and still feel that with this project I can help them break the cycle and pave their own path.  

What is my "I am..."?


I chose this specific area because the types of professions today's youth are pursuing are evolving beyond the traditional constructs (ie. influencers vs 9-5 jobs). But how do you get from "I want to be when I grow up" to "I am". The Nueva School has unlocked new career possibilities in industries that I hadn't had exposure to before such as Block Chain, K-Pop, Authors, Animators, Venture Capitalists and more! But what about student communities outside of Nueva that may not have the same access and resources to find their path to "I am".  I want to bring knowledge from industry leaders in hard-to-access industries to these underserved communities where students can also start envisioning their endless possibilities. The Career Camp journey starts here. 

Why hard to access industries?

Some of the most interesting companies, careers, and projects I've seen are not easy to learn about and have a high barrier to entry.  Often it is necessary to have relationships, resources, or specialized knowledge to have a chance in those industries.  I want to uncover these opportunities, not just for myself, but also for others out there who are curious and interested in many of these specialize fields.