Real Estate Investing 

Welcome to Real Estate Investing

We are very excited for you to start your journey to learn about Real Estate investing.  While this industry may not be something you've ever considered, this could be a very interesting career for your to consider and "try on".  If you're interested in really cool buildings, designing interesting spaces, getting your hands dirty by constructing something, or building generational wealth, real estate investing may be a good fit for you.   

This video is an introduction to Real Estate and in this module, we will guide you through the fundamentals, key terms, and concepts that we will use throughout the course. 

This video is an interview with an industry expert, Kevin Louie who is a successful real estate investor.  He has over 25 years of investing experience in several product types including data centers, life sciences, residential, retail, and industrial. 

Learn key insights from this industry expert.

What does this mean for you?

Within Real Estate investing, there are so many professions that people often never hear about.  At the heart of Real Estate investing is creating value for our communities, businesses, and families through creating, improving, and/or owning physical space that businesses or people can use.  

We want you to "try on" real estate investing.  The following is an exercise for you to take your first step.

Dream House Exercise

Imagine you can live anywhere in the world.